This necklace is for the girl with starry eyes and cosmic dreams. She longs to wander to the ends of the earth and back, guided by her northern star. This girl dances when she eats, loves deeply, is always learning new things, and radiates warmth and light like the sun. When she isn’t exploring her life she’s got her nose in a book, slipping into other worlds. She’s lived a thousand times, and finds pieces of herself in every story. This necklace is a talisman reminding you no matter where your soul wanders, to always stay true to who you are, and to look up at the sky.

A limited edition - out of this world - piece. Made with 14k gold filled chain and parts, pullover design, and a gold plated north star.  

14k gold filled (aka no irritating your pretty skin!)
24” inch necklace length
designed and made with love in texas 

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